Curtsy's Second Annual Philanthropy Competition

Curtsy is donating $500 to the Philanthropy of one sorority at every school. Last year we donated over $10K.


  • What's Curtsy?

    Curtsy is an app that lets you rent fashion from girls at your school. It was started by two Tri Deltas at Ole Miss and has since expanded accross the country. You can download it free on the App Store.

  • Why the philanthropy showdown?

    Our customers do amazing work for non-profits and charities in their communities. This is our way of celebrating that and giving back ourselves.

  • What's the prize?

    We’re donating $500 to the philanthropy of the sorority with the most points at each school. The winning sorority can choose to have the money sent to the sorority or directly to the philanthropy on their behalf.

  • How do you win?

    There are several ways to earn points: sharing your sorority’s page on Facebook, signing up for the Curtsy app (if you haven't already), renting with your sorority's promo code, and more!

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